Dating of capricorn man


The Sun sign is only one dominant influence in someone’s astrological natal chart. It is extremely fascinating to see a part of one’s behavior come to life once you understand the astrological reason for it. My hubbie is not a Capricorn but he is still wonderful and good looking.

There are 10 astrological planets, 12 houses, and the aspects between them. If you are with someone you love and trust, what do you have to lose? Rejection can be painful, but it is also a growing experience. I took an interest in Astrology several years ago, exactly for the same reason; as an avenue to learn about and understand others. Learning about the significance of the houses and planets is a good place to start. I recommend you actually purchase books instead of getting them from the library so you have them to reference at will. I believe studying astrology makes for a more tolerant attitude towards those that are different from you. In the recommended book, the author also encourages couples to date for two years before they marry.

Although introverted, he is strong emotionally and physically.

This man usually keeps to himself for the most part.

He harbors deep, deep feelings, and is extremely selective when it comes to choosing those he opens up to.

Don’t be too fooled by the cold, sober personality of the Capricorn man.

If you ever have your chart read by an Astrologer, other parts of your personality will be revealed through many other planetary influences. If the one you love truly loves you, he/she will accept your feelings, and appreciate your honesty. I especially liked your statement: "I believe studying astrology makes for a more tolerant attitude towards those that are different from you." I agree. This gives them enough time to get to know each other.


He is generally quiet in nature, but will have no problem holding a lengthy intelligent conversation if he feels like it. They just stand there and look tall, strong and attractive, and the ladies come to them.Once the Goat admits to finding the love of his life, he will never give up trying to woo her. He prefers his woman to wear conservative clothing to leave more to the imagination. He doesn’t appreciate a woman to be dressed sloppily, and great hygiene is a definite must.


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