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"I have a keen sense of knowing who goes with who," she says.For her matchmaking service, men pay to be clients and women are free members."A big reason men can’t find their ideal life partner is because of things about themselves they need to change that they don’t know about themselves because people won’t tell them," she says.Tomorrow's gala is invitation-only, but West plans to host singles mixers in the future.Everyone has that Mardi Gras, , is the number one city for singles.I'm here to show that Cupid lives in New Orleans." She's had many jobs over the years, and has claimed titles including Miss Louisiana and Miss New Orleans.

West says she won't accept everyone and isn't afraid to do a background check if a prospective dater seems suspicious. It's not like picking a picture on," she says. You can’t go by a picture." Among her many roles is that of life coach and image consultant (she holds a psychology degree from LSU), and she uses those services to make clients more marketable.In the meantime she'll be playing Cupid for her clients. Perfect — so get that fantasy out of your head," she says.


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