Dating moments prince william dating flatmate

I leaned down to kiss him, but little did I know I was actually making out with his nose!

I realized this at the same time that he said, 'That's my nose.' I was mortified, but instead I just laughed it off and leaned back in."—Jessica, 20, IL"I went to take a picture with my crush and instead of putting my hand on his back I accidentally put it on his butt!


He had four older sisters so that thing had happened before!

" —Anonymous"My boyfriend was making me feel guilty about being accepted to the school of my dreams because it was out of state—he should have taken me for a celebratory dinner!

" —Shaye, 21, MI"I was visiting my boyfriend at college and had a cold, but he still wanted to make out. I just reminded him of something embarrassing he did once, and we both laughed it off." —Jillian, 19, MN"I was staying with my boyfriend during Spring Break.

I leaned over to kiss him and all of a sudden my nose started running. One day he was playing Xbox—instead of paying any attention to me—so I picked up his phone.

He turned to me and said, 'That's my butt you're touching.' I turned bright red and started laughing hysterically.I used humor to avoid the awkwardness and said, "I'm sorry! " —Rachel, 16, IL"I was in a really dark room with my guy.


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