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subdivision_type2 = Countysubdivision_name2 = Uniongovernment_footnotes = government_type = leader_title = leader_name = leader_title1 = leader_name1 = established_title = established_date =unit_pref = Imperialarea_footnotes =area_magnitude = area_total_km2 = area_land_km2 = area_water_km2 = area_total_sq_mi = area_land_sq_mi = area_water_sq_mi =population_as_of = population_footnotes = population_total = population_density_km2 = population_density_sq_mi =timezone = MSTutc_offset = -7timezone_DST = MDTutc_offset_DST = -6elevation_footnotes = elevation_m = elevation_ft = latd = |latm = |lats = |lat NS = longd = |longm = |longs = |long EW =postal_code_type = .History Amistad was a stop for cattle drives during the late 1800s. Wannamaker, a Congregational minister, promoted homesteading by placing ads in church newspapers.


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