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The sixth season aired during 2009–10 and consisted of 26 episodes.The seventh season aired during 2010–11 and consisted of 26 episodes.The eighth season aired during 2011–12 and consisted of 24 episodes.The ninth season aired during 2012–13 and consisted of 25 episodes.The Office aired a short first season in 2005 that consisted of six episodes.This was followed by a full-length second season in 2005–06 that consisted of 22 episodes, and a third season in 2006–07, with 25 episodes.The Office is an American television sitcom broadcast on NBC.Created as an adaptation by Greg Daniels of the British series of the same name, it is a mockumentary that follows the day-to-day lives of the employees of the Scranton, Pennsylvania branch of Dunder Mifflin ("Dunder Mifflin a Division of Sabre" from mid season 6 to the end of season 8), a fictional paper supply company.


The first set of webisodes, titled The Accountants, consisted of ten episodes and ran between the second and third seasons.

Kevin's Loan consisted of four episodes and ran between the fourth and fifth seasons.


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    The couple faced constant rumors of Slater's infidelity until their divorce in 2005.

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    It was formerly named the Biblical Studies Foundation.

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    We host all types of events, including corporate outings, fundraisers, birthday parties, and graduation parties.

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