Dating kluson tuners


The Deluxe I had when I was in school (1972-1976) came to me with Grovers, and a few marks.

All hardware including bushings and mounting screws are included in the set.

Please note: If you are retro fitting a vintage instrument that has been modified or putting this vintage style Kluson tuner on a modern instrument you may also need to purchase "adapter bushings" (sold separately) to convert a larger size peg hole to vintage size to allow for proper fit and function.

I can't say that I hear a difference one way or the other, however the Klusons function just fine as far as I'm concerned and its always nice when you can knock a quarter pound off of the headstock. Every guitar,(Les Pauls included), had "better" tone with Grovers or Schallers installed over the stock Klusons. What can't be measured is the "attachment" some have for these parts.

I think tone is subjective, still the increase of frequency bandwidth as well as sustain/bloom has been undeniable in every guitar I have done. Most of it is a result of fetish fulfillment of anything 59 and I have seen some real pretzel logic used to justify this almost pathological need to have everything from 59 be seen as the apex or epitome of form/function and tone.


I certainly understand the desire to have cosmetic features for wish fulfillment and mojo vibe, and firmly believe that new R series Historic models should have them, but just as most originals used professionally had Grovers installed for tuning and sonic benefit, so should new models be upgraded by those desirous of such benefits. I've never thought that the Kluson types were physically super stable or robust on an otherwise iron clad Les Paul.I would never champion Klusons as better at anything other than looking like the ones used by Gibson in the 50's. I'm always concerned with how changing hardware changes tone, since I've done a bit of that with tail piece studs and other reversible hardware swaps and it changed the voice of my guitar, a lot.


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