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The program first assess, whether is the search term Strong's number, a direct link or a standard search term, and accordingly will act.In the case it is a Strong's number, judge, if the selected text contains Strong's numbers. Strong's Numbers searching works even in the event that are currently Strong numbers hidden).The basic functionality is simple search parts of words, whole words and phrases.Searching multiple words is simply usable in translation without notes of translators, superscripts, italicized parts, Strong's numbers, morphology and the like.Direct link to enter the name of the book (or an abbreviation), separator (space, comma, semicolon, colon, dash), chapter number, separator, verse number (optional), separator (optional), final verse (optional) - eg: John 3 16 (John ) or eg John 3,12-16 (John -16).Direct links are the quickest way to move to a specific place of the Bible, they are also very useful, eg.

The point is, that in this case is between the words often HTML, JS or PHP code (not visible at first sight).

In these cases it is suitable to use advanced search features - eg. In the case simple searching you can write or paste search term into the search box and then click on the magnifying glass symbol.


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