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In order to feed his troops, Glvez sent an emissary, Francisco Garca, with a letter to Texas Governor Domingo Cabello requesting and authorizing the very first official cattle drive out of Texas.

D Dorinda Moreno Rafael Ojeda ngel Custodio Rebollo Tony Santiago John P. On all these ranches grazed uncounted tens of thousands of head of Texas longhorn cattle.

Mimi Lozano, Editor Mercy Bautista Olvera Roberto Calderon, Ph, D. During the remainder of the American Revolution1779, 1780, 1781, and 1782some ten to fifteen thousand head of Texas cattle were rounded up on the ranches between Bxar and La Baha and were trailed overland into Louisiana.

Garca arrived in San Antonio de Bxar on June 20, 1779, and by August, two thousand head of Texas cattle, gathered from the ranches of the missions and individuals in the San Antonio River Valley, were on their way to Glvezs forces in Louisiana.

Velez Yomar Villarreal Cleary Carlos Yturralde Thanks for the nice compliment!

Thonhoff Helen Trujillo Workman Mora Ernesto Uribe John Valadez Val Valdez Gibbons Margarita B.

As a young lieutenant, Glvez was stationed in Chihuahua, where he led Spanish troops in a campaign against Apaches, once going as far as the Pecos River.


The publisher is Mimi Lozano and you met her at the recognition luncheon for her 28 years of continuous service. I was doing some research for a paper the other day, and I want to let you know that I still reference the It's hard to believe how much time has passed since the organization first began. George Ryskamp, as I referenced some terms from one of his books on Hispanic ancestry. by Eduardo Diaz Projects at the Smithsonian Latino Center Newsletter Columbia Study Finds Marginal Latino Presence Across U. Mainstream Media, Daisy Wanda Garcia Cuento: If you are doing a good work, expect opposition by Mimi Lozano Cenotaph will be erected at the Texas State Cemetery to honor Jos Antonio Navarro, Texas patriot Cuento: Casa Navarro Essay Contest Cuento: Career Volunteer Honored by County by Vanessa Finney The Sole of an Artist by Lisa Liddane Latino Americans' Mi Historia Cuento: ''Cesar Chavez,'' Conditions in the Fields and the Struggle over Memory Cuento: Terms of Identity: Whats in a Name? Best regards, Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, July 4th Celebration The History of the Official Versions of Change of the American Flag Cuento: I say Hispanic. After Spain decided to declare war against Great Britain on May 8, 1779, King Carlos III commissioned young Bernardo de Glvezafter whom Galveston, Texas, is namedto raise and lead Spanish forces in a campaign against the British along the Mississippi River and the Gulf Coast. I have enjoyed it through the years-very informative-very much the public pulse of the Hispanic Community in the U. I don't know who the researcher Mary Brito is, but please give her a big thank you for the extensive research and stories on the Brito family. After the Battle of Saratoga, which we read about in school history books as being the turning point of the American Revolution, the European countries of France, Spain, and Holland joined the American colonists in their fight against the British. Letty Rodella Norman Rozeff Steve Rubin Lorena Ruiz de Frain Dena Rupert Diana Saavedra Tom Saenz Joe Sanchez John P. Serna Sister Mary Sevilla Andres Tijerina Robert H.

Acua Yasmin Anwar Roy Archuleta Dan Arellano Virginia Avina Lara Gill Corinne Joy Brown Bruce Buonaura Jaime Cader Eddie Caldern, Ph. Among these ranches was the Rancho de la Mora, a huge ranch just south of present Falls City, Texas, which belonged to the Mission San Antonio de Valeronow called THE ALAMO. While there, he learned of the great herds of cattle in the San Antonio River Valley in the Spanish Province of Texas, which was filled out with ranches belonging to the missions of Bexar and La Baha (now called Goliad) and to private individuals.


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