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Researchers from the University of Georgia surveyed more than 460 married individuals and asked them numerous questions regarding their marriage; finances, children, how they communicate on a daily basis and how they express gratitude to their partner.

CALLING IT QUITS: Does a sexless marriage mean it's over?In fact, continued and new research is beginning to get more clear about what is and isn’t as important to martial success.If they felt that their partner was grateful for them, the quality of their marriage was much stronger with communication depth and overall connection, no matter what their situation was at home.These couples were also less likely to divorce or look for attention elsewhere.


This is a little reassurance for your partner that they matter to you. Never letting your partner go to work without saying goodbye, how much you will miss them, or making plans to see them after work.This is a little reassurance for your partner that they matter ...


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    Once they start messaging you, prepare yourself for venting and impromptu therapy sessions: "My wife never wants to have sex! " It's exhausting, but there's an upside: When you're being compared with someone they've already lost interest in, it's impossible not to look great.

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