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(Puget Sound, Northwest Straits, Gulf Islands and Georgia Strait) Sightings Summaries Archives Sighting Report Archives Click here for the most Recent Sightings Sign up for Whale Sightings Alerts and updates! My guess is, it is between 200 and 400 yards off base. To find viewpoints along shorelines from Deception Pass to Olympia, go to: Whale Sightings Viewpoints Map Page To report whales please go to the Orca Network Sightings Report Page. If someone could check it out, that would be great. - South Puget Sound - I watched the whale heading up north mid-channel until I could barely see him/her. Through a volunteer Whale Sighting Network, sightings and observations of this orca community are gathered and disseminated to researchers and volunteers, and posted on our website. - Puget Sound - Got flukes in front of the Space Needle. To report harassment of whales in US waters, call NOAA Enforcement: 1-800-853-1964; In Canadian waters, call DFO's Observe Record and Report (ORR) Violations Hotline: 1-800-465-4336 Report the boat name &/or a description of the boat, & get photos if at all possible. - I'm only seeing spouts, but there's a whale north of Edmonds ferry! Our address at work is 3675 W Lexington St, Oak Harbor WA 98278. - Still in the area just saw the fin a few times again seems to be feeding. - Just spotted a few spouts and a fin, most likely humpback while waiting for the ferry headed to Point Defiance from Vashon!



The purpose of Orca Network's Whale Sighting Network and Education Project is to encourage observation and increase awareness and knowledge about the Southern Resident Community of orcas (J, K and L pods), and foster a stewardship ethic to motivate a diverse audience to take action to protect and restore these orcas' critical habitat. The orcas' steep population decline of 20% from 1995 to 2001 is a reflection of the problems and issues facing the greater Puget Sound marine and watershed ecosystems: declining salmon runs, PCB contamination, and the effects of a rapidly increasing human population including habitat loss and resource depletion. See Dolphins section above of November 7th dolphin sighting- ALB). At first it was great to see it, but now we are worried. It mostly stayed shallow with a couple of deep dives along the way. Rounding Dash Point close to shore, heading south - definitely too large for porpoises. Possible this was a small pod of the common dolphins who have stayed over from June, or another group. I have worked here for two years and usually the whales just pass through if we see them at all.


It seemed to be just north of the ferry and west of it, and heading south. Our Latitude 48.3434 and Longitude -122.6814 is for my work.


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