Dating islam

At some points in school, it was difficult to give explanations or to ignore guys who would keep asking questions about dating because sometimes these questions would turn into teasing me or the other Muslims.There were also certain situations in class where it was encouraged to have a partner or the teacher would encourage and put out ideas about dating and having a relationship with the opposite gender.But what some do not understand is that it is difficult a for a teenager growing up these days, especially Muslim girls, to know why Islam has forbidden dating or just simply mixing between the opposite genders.Today, religion for some is taken as a very casual concept.Both guys and girls would ask questions like,” Why aren’t you allowed to go out with guys? Through my observations, for some young Muslims, these dating questions became sort of an invitation to the system of dating itself.” or in a shocked tone would ask, “You’re not supposed to like someone? This means they would take these questions and actually sit there and tell themselves, “Really, I should go out with her!In today’s contemporary Western societies, it is unrealistic to try to avoid any and all interaction with members of the opposite sex., or “Islam should not forbid us from liking someone!


The beautiful religion Islam is a complete way of life and teaches us about every step in it.This includes teachings on the relationship between a male and a female, the ‘halal’ way, which means something that is approved as religiously proper for a Muslim.I can never forget when Valentine’s Day came along every year and the class had to give cards with candy to each student. When I used to sit and write guy’s names on the cards, I would always avoid the cards that had messages like, “Be My Valentine,” or “Hearts and Kisses to You.” This culture of dating has gone global; it’s not only a part of the West.It was my faith and strong understanding that helped me go through school without going out with anyone and without even starting a relationship with a guy.


*** Walking down the school hallways as a young Muslim girl I used to see guys and girls holding hands, or a girl standing by her locker crying as her boyfriend talked to her.

I would be confronted with questions and statements about dating that took different forms and styles, starting from elementary until I graduated high school. .” Growing up, I never minded answering these questions with a full explanation as to what Islam allows and forbids when it comes to dating.


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