Dating intimacy too soon

We talked on the phone and decided to meet for lunch one day. I was able to free up some time and we agreed to meet up for lunch again. A few days ago, I received a text asking when we could get together for some "alone time".

I told him that my free time was already booked for the next week.

Gooddate's response: Thanks for the story, Shannon.

I'm not at all surprised at the behavior of this guy. Men are visual creatures first: I discuss this here.

I exchanged a few messages with a "man" on one of the dating sites. I am very open and very comfortable about my sexuality.

We seemed to have fairly decent chemistry so I exchanged phone numbers with him. Due to my schedule I was unable to arrange further dates immediately. Apparently, being open and comfortable with your sexuality is a cue to this "man" that he can easily obtain you.

The only problem was that his true colors quickly emerged!

Cut through the crap and recognize the pitfalls and early warning signs.

PS: I'm still giggling about his subtle "alone time" approach.At least he tried a more romantic approach at first.


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