Dating indian women in america

I would imagine it'd be more likely with a Christian or irreligious Indian woman. There are quite a few Indians here anyway, but I notice they tend to stick with their own 'kind' moreso than other groups. I know alot of Indian men that date women of other nationalities, but in the end the women end up being disapointed, Indian men for the most part don't take women of other nationalites serious for marriage.

The more Westernised ones however do often date whites and others. The more traditional someone is, the harder it will be. Indian and other South Asian women with men of other nationalities is rare.

I would Say Koreans and Indians are the groups I have noticed that date/marry within their own groups the most.

My Singaporean Chinese colleague is married to an Indian woman and they have kids, but yes from what I have seen its very very rare to see.

The situation in Singapore too is interesting, although didn't see too much mixing. The few cases I know of are people from small cities or towns where there are not many other south asians around.

Even in the UK though it seems that even if a British Indian woman wanted to be with a white British man her family might disapprove. But I have to say, Chinese and korean women are hard to aproach aswell.


I dated a Singaporean Indian last year although she was very westernized such as she wore western clothing her thinking was western she never bothered with the whole Bollywood scene etc... Let's just say your average Bollywood actress is nothing like the average Indian female in India. I assume we are talking about Indians from India and not the 2nd or 3rd generation westernized counterparts?I think a lot of it boils down to culture and pressure and/or expectations from the family. You are talking about a culture that still has arranged marriages by parents (in many cases), based on caste..then their are honor killings, etc.Their culture is more closed off, they're more traditional, their families often disapprove. The Rise of Asian Americans | Pew Social & Demographic Trends I don't know if this applies outside of the US, but here in Northern California, this is pretty noticeable.Religion is a big part of their lives, whether Hindu, Muslim or Buddhist, so I don't know how they feel about inter-faith marriages. I have noticed that here in Canada, Indians very much stick to themselves.

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