Dating in wesley chapel

"It's fun, unlike sitting in a theater not doing anything.The 30-year-old MBA student at the University of Tampa said he had been lonely since journeying to Florida from China's Sichuan province eight months earlier. He was hunting Pokémon at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park one evening when a rare one, either an Eevee or a Dratini as he recalls it, began to spawn.He tried the dating app Tinder, because that's what everyone uses at UT, he said. "There was a crowd of people and everyone started running toward it and yelling," Zhang said through Skype, describing the type of Pokémon Go stampede that has been well documented around the world via You Tube. Zhang ended up at an emergency room with a sprained ankle.He hung out with a few women, made a few platonic friends, but mostly he says he felt out of sync with Americans — and even Chinese women who'd been living in the U. The woman who'd run smack into him at the park was there, too — with him. She was a big fan of Pikachu and a UT student from Japan. Zhang, who had experience working on marketing for various dating apps, was inspired by his experience to develop Pok, a dating app targeted at Pokémon Go players.


People who are already in relationships say they're using the game for dates, too.

Land O' Lakes resident Scott Beaver and his wife have been married for 10 years.


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