Dating in puerto rico com 2016

The SUT merchant registry number that is currently being used by registered merchants will remain unchanged under the VAT and SURI.All Merchant Registry Certificates will expire on 20 July 2016.Taxpayers that have a SUT certificate, but do not have a PICO account, will be able to access SURI beginning 1 June 2016.All information must be verified no later than 20 July 2016.Once registration is complete, SURI will issue a Merchant Registry Certification with a control number.Taxpayers that currently have a Merchant Registry Certificate for SUT should request a new certificate for VAT through SURI.The PRTD will notify taxpayers with a SUT certificate and a PICO account that they need to access SURI and validate the information in the system in order to complete the Merchant Registry for VAT.Taxpayers also must use PICO for all other SUT transition filings that may be required after 1 June 2016.

As reasons for the postponement, AD 16-04 cited the multiple requests for additional time from merchants, as well as certain bills that were presented in the Puerto Rico legislative assembly to modify the VAT statute.The issuance of AD 16-07 signals the PRTD’s intent to move forward with the VAT implementation starting on 1 June 2016.


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