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And the feeling - if any of your viewers feel that, broadly speaking, they are easy people to live with, they haven't even begun to know themselves 'cause everybody from close up is a real challenge to be around.Like, you have to be incredibly insightful to know why everyone's got a problem from the day beginning or the day when they were five and 10.ALAIN DE BOTTON: Well, you know, one of the big problems of love is that we tend to think that so long as we met the right person, we're quite easy to live with.


And I recommend that couples one a first date - of the first things they should do is rather than saying how perfect they are, they should almost say, "Look, I'm crazy like this. But if we can get in the information in good time - we don't need people to be perfect in relationships, but insofar as they're imperfect, it really helps if they're on top of their imperfections and are able to explain them to us in a way that doesn't scare us and surprise.MATT WORDSWORTH: That seems like a hard thing to do.


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