Dating hypnosis book


David Spiegel reviews a range of neurobiological evidence on hypnosis, including a particularly interesting section on ‘default mode processing’ which could easily be integrated into all hypnotic functional imaging studies.

It is a comprehensive exploration of hypnosis split into four sections, with contributions from authorities in the field. Section two covers theoretical perspectives including dissociation, sociocognitive, cognitive, and psychoanalytic theories.Baker and Nash cover hypnosis in psychodynamic therapy, with consideration of its use in symptom amelioration, insight oriented therapy, and in long-term therapy.His chapter contains important commentary on the implications of how our definitions of hypnosis impact our research designs and the interpretability of neuroimaging data.In the clinical section Joseph Barber writes a thoughtful chapter on the integration of hypnosis into cognitive therapy.


The Oxford Handbook of Hypnosis reflects this development in neuroscience with three chapters which focus on how hypnosis affects brain function.

Barabasz and Barabasz provide an introduction to brain imaging techniques, then go on to review research presented at the Tennessee Conference on Brain Imaging and Hypnosis, with a particular emphasis on EEG/ERP findings.


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