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Here is our latest online profile review for you Here’s a look at his current profile.Nickname: Lucky Star would be a wonderful nickname, but Luck Star doesn’t mean anything. I think women will respond well as you look friendly, smart and approachable.Unless there’s a reason for it I’d suggest you change it. You look fun and presentable in your album shots too so all good choices.Interesting Fact: Your Fact is OK but the “you’ll have to find out” comment isn’t enough.It’s the people who take the time to send a short personalised message that get the results. Who doesn’t want to meet someone with a similar outlook and enjoys life?Can you try and paint a picture that would make someone think “Yes that’s me he’s looking for” ?I hope this helps, James If you would like to have your profile reviewed and featured, then please email your request to [email protected]’ll pick the best one each month and get our leading Dating Expert James Preece to offer you his advice on how to make it better in this blog. James Preece – Dating Coach This entry was posted on Monday, April 20th, 2015 at am and is filed under Dating Profile Review.



You’ve put the line in about winking for interest, but you’d get a much better success rate if you just emailed them in the first place.Winking can perhaps give the impression you can’t be bothered to write a proper message.


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