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you name it and I’ve probably owned one, played one or had one on my bench for repair. Valco”), and I have been collecting, repairing and restoring tube amps for 22 years and have owned or repaired just about any amp you can think of including: Fender Tweed, Blackface and Silverface, nearly any Valco built amp ever made including National Dobro, Ampeg, Gibson, Guild, Hiwatt, Marshall, Sound City, Magnatone Silvertone Danelectro…..There are alot of people today who do tube amp work – why send your amp to us?With 20 years of experience and not only an ear for what your tube amp should sound like and how it should perform, I also try to get to the core of what you are expecting from your amp.I don’t recone speakers, or carry new replacements here, but can normally get them in quickly if needed.I also use several reconing services, including Weber VST and Neals Speaker Service to get your old tired stock speaker sounding the way it is supposed to if it’s required.


The more details I can get from you, for instance, what type of music you play, what guitars you use, style of music, size of venue you normally play at, things you are looking for in an amp, and the things you are NOT looking for, the better I can tweak your amp to make it better suited for your needs.

Some amps give you more room to tweak than others and this is where experience really counts.


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