Dating ghana women

I have seen white men, with little experience in the country, make blanket statements about Ghanaians while their dates politely chew their meals not daring to challenge her potential love. When I was in America, any American would have jumped on anyone who said anything negative about America or its people, and as an African-American, I bet not let a white boy talk to me crazy just because I am interested in tasting some white chocolate.

As I may have pointed out in the past, education is not free in Ghana.

So although school technically is free, families must still be able to provide uniforms, books, transportation and food for their school aged children....which can quickly add up.

My little sister is married to a white guy and I have dated several white men in my past.

It is very unfortunate that not all Ghanaian women have this same advantage.

With only a few universities in the country, only the best students get placements at universities like University of Ghana Legon and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.Furthermore, like most things in Africa, college expenses are paid out of pocket; so this means, you either have the money to go to college or you don't. They date high profile married men, diplomatic staff members and other members of the expatriate community.


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