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Thanks Brian Answer - I suggest you go to e Bay and check out the following auctions: 140231586546876984. I do believed it to be a photo and not from a magazine. It is in a plastic box with a Crest embossed in it. It is styled much like current hair cutting devises. View Item&item=350048967698&ss Page Name=ADME: B: BCA: US:1123Question - Hi! I had heard that Rolls Razor had actually been resurrected and offered parts. I have never seen a picture of or a real example of one in Gold. The 1-9 adjustments were near the botton part of the handle. The last one I saw sell went for 1.01 in March of 2007.

Select a query by entering a search word, expert or selecting from the drop down menus. next my junior its same has lot of gold plate missing, but under the head and inside perfect. 321802 - These blades are carefully made of Tempered Blue Steel and are guaranteed to give satisfaction or your money back.'Days' provides the period for viewing last site updates. The result will be an 'AND' operation of the entries. Question - Hello - Do you happen to know which Marlin catalog, ad, or brochure this picture appeared in? I'm trying to find the original image and get a good scan of it. It has a double blade that goes on and looks like it is used to trim hair or beards. thought you might be interested,try send pics let me send pics Answer - I believe that the Aristocrat Junior was only produced in the silver plating. Thanks Question - Hi, Today (1/14/08) i saw an Gillette BOTTOM adjustable razor on Ebay. THANKS, Claude Answer - Claude, yes the model 195 with the adjustment ring near the bottom of the handle is extremely rare and I believe it may well go for near that price.This model test marketed in 1956, was introduced in some regions in 1958,and then rolled out nationally in 1959.It was supplanted by the longer narrower "Super Adjustable" which came out in 1969 and then by the cartridge models that came out in the 1970s. Answer - I do not identify razor models by the model number because the number is not actually on the razor and often people mistake one for another. Question - Hi e sinker, Robert from told me to come here with my query.

There is a special tool that catches in the two notches and then is turned to remove the ring and then unscrew the rest of the handle from the bottom up. Several safety razors were made under Egon Lothar Schmitz's 1899 patent for a compact vest-pocket razor. The patent was for "a very simple safety-razor in which the hinged frame-box and principal adjusting-screw with supporting flange heretofore employed are entirely dispensed with." resulting in a "safety-razor ? The razor head was marked NUTSHELL / PATENTED AUG 29, 1899 (this was U. The razor itself is metal but I canot tell you exactly wath kind of metal.These include the Nutshell, Challenge, Le Petit, A. so simple that the complete apparatus may be packed in so small a box that it can be carried conveniently in a vest-pocket? It used a single-edge wedge blade, had a comb guard or closed comb guard with wide teeth, and a two-piece telescoping handle. There is no serial number anywhere, juste the Gillette diamond trade mark and made in USA.


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