Dating game questions for teenagers


I know I have a big thing for copying game shows, I am not a big TV watcher but they do seem to come up with some clever things sometimes.

In order to have the Game show affect, I borrowed my son’s play microphone that magnifies your voice.

We just recently planned a mother-daughter night for the teenagers I teach at church and it was so much fun.


You could use this at a family reunion, a family game night, or any family function.It is definitely more successful with people who know each other very well!


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    Hello, I had a couple questions about a relationship that just ended, hoping for a good female perspective on if I did the wrong things.

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    Its very hard to leave someone when you have their kid, even if you're not in love with them.

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    The singer, who kicked off the UK leg of her Delirium tour in Cardiff on Tuesday, has spoken out about the end of her relationship.

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    It’s up to the consumer now to choose the browser they’d like to use.

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