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In Summer you’re (mostly) safe, in winter, not so much. My favourite one (yes, I have become one of ‘them’) is “Oh, did you not like the food”? Of course, you are still hungry, so when your hosts asks you to take another serving – you eagerly oblige. The tricky part is the third serving; you may want one, but chances are you’ve already indulged in two plates of Sauerkraut {Kiseli Kapus} and yummy Grilled fish {ribe sa žara}, so when that time comes you’ll need to be polite and say no thanks.I’d invest in a few scarves, and leave them in the car, your house and at work. If you want” to show off, you can use the phrase “ne mogu više, hvala” which means you can’t take (eat) anymore. All I know is that you’ll risk your host slapping the water out of your hand, and muttering something about being sick.


Side note: You can read about how the Bura can also be blamed for you being all kinds of stuff. With the majority of Croatians being Catholic, you should know it’s customary to say a prayer of thanks before your meal. First, you need to know about what to do when that giant pot of stuffed cabbages has been placed on the table. Failure to heed this warning will see you having to hear over and over again how you are too skinny, you must be hungry and so on.According to my sources here in Croatia, the deadly propuh is likely to cause you all kinds of grief, if that delicate part on the back of your neck is bare when there is just the slightest hint of a draft. Hair dried, neck covered, you are now safe to leave to attend lunch. So wait, just a little to be sure you’re not digging into those stuffed peppers too early. You’re rugged up on a summers day, and the Prayer said. Your host may also use guilt to force you into a second helping. If you have listened to this very sane advice, by this stage you’ve only had one slice of fried eggplant {Pohana balancana} and one cabbage roll {Sarma}- and now you’re about to make your hosts day.


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