Dating for revenge

When we’re hurt, it can be a natural human response to want to hurt back.The instinct for vengeance arises in many people, but not everyone will act on it.The person who hurt you was probably in pain themselves.Maybe you weren’t the one who inflicted the initial injury, but at some point they’ve been wounded.



Hurt people hurt people There’s often an initial reaction to lash out at someone who’s hurt you.

It’s a defence mechanism which develops when we’re very young and helps us protect our personal boundaries.

Sometimes this instinct arises from a desire to teach the other person a lesson but it’s also an attempt to make yourself feel better.

This places you in a stronger position to defend yourself from any future attempts to hurt you.


Sometimes, when someone hurts or betrays you, you may feel as though you’d like to hurt them back.

However, does seeking revenge actually make you feel any better?


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