Dating for farmers


Whether you're a Farmer, horse lover, dog lover or just enjoy the great outdoors, Harvest Dating UK is the place to meet like-minded people for friendship and dating. With thousands of local members to choose from, there has never been a better time to join Harvest Dating UK - so why wait?

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Online dating from Farmers Weekly Interactive is the new service to help you find a companion or love in the countryside.

FWMuddy Matches is a new venture to help us appeal to a wider rural audience.

“The web is already a vital business tool for many users familiar with the Farmers Weekly brand.

Now we can extend our reach to more people with a greater range of interests over and above pure business needs.” Muddy Matches’ Lucy Reeves said she was delighted to be part of this new initiative.

Find someone who can relate to you and understand that being older does not mean any less to live can be very important when looking for a partner.

This service is also for those looking for a good night of sex.e Harmony is another adult dating service that meets those looking for friends and life long partners.“Coming from a farming background ourselves, we know how important it is for farmers to meet like-minded ‘muddy’ people who understand that farming is not just a job but a way of life and that the hours are often irregular and antisocial.


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