Dating engineering major

It is important to note that the 2012 individual level Census data did not recognize same-sex marriage.

From the 2013 Census , which is not yet available, the Census will report on same-sex couples.

For the 50 most common majors, the table below shows the rate at which people chose to marry others in that field for two degree couples.

can be on compatibility, and, for many, how tied they are to the institution of marriage.

The next list looks at just the chances of only women marrying someone of the same major.

We find that ***Whether it is because of shared interests or mere convenience, Americans who have obtained college degrees are uncommonly likely to marry individuals with their same major.

As part of the US Census, Americans are asked about their marital status, as well as their college major if they have an undergraduate degree.

We analyzed US Census data and found that Americans marry people within their own major at an unusually high rate.

But those few men in the field have a particularly good shot of finding love in their area of study.The same is true for other individuals who are the minority in a major that tilts heavily towards one sex.


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