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The 7th Tetrad ended with the Solar Eclipse-New Moon on 9/13 and Lunar Eclipse on 9/28/2015.

Heb -22 covers the 9/13-22, 2015 dates; the key word is "Blood" and lot's of it. 2016-17 is a Satanic Jubilee, the real Shemitah-Jubilee will be 2019-20.

Jesus separates Goats from Lambs; Amorite King Hammurabi "Code of Hammurabi" is written Revenge of the Goat.

2016 is the Satanic Jubilee Year following the 7th Shemitah.

John the Baptist was born on Passover; Johnitters worship John not Jesus. Establish a One on One personal relationship with JESUS through the Holy Ghost before it's too late.


America will be the Scapegoat to be sacrificed by fire (Holocaust=Burnt Offering) as a Phoenix; the New Age of Lucifer will rise from the ashes.Amorite King Hammurabi worshipped Amurru "High One", the Edomite Shepherd god aka America's namesake and symbol "Uncle Sam" (Goatee); hence Amorites were called "Amar" the Canaanite god of the West aka America.


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