Dating earth synopsis


At an oasis, the white slave agent known as the Jackal raids them, mainly to add the...See full summary » Jim is soon to be married to Patty, but when he wakes up after a bachelor party thrown by his friends, he finds an injured angel in his pool. Make sure to follow IMDb on Facebook and send your questions here.See full summary » Spoiled Jessie Montgomery, whose wild behavior and spending excesses cause her well-meaning but exasperated millionaire father Charles to wish he never had her, is visited by fairy ...When Patty sees her, she thinks he's seeing someone else and gets upset and tells her father.Now he has to figure out how to; cure the angel, tell Patty what happened, keep his friends from taking the angel to the papers, and keep Patty's father from killing him. When I was a very young lad I used to watch this movie again, and again, and again.See full summary » Nick is a feckless television salesman who gets fired and impulsively decides that he and his girlfriend, Beth, will move to Butte, MT, which he's read is "the city of the future." "I read ...



While the grandfather's body is still in coma, he enjoys having a young body again and repairs some facts...

Let's face it it's still betetr than 90% of the movies that came out this year--and most of the late nineties--UNder the tuscan Sun, I"m looking in your direction.


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