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The fight continues, and the Armored Squadron is eliminated. The Final Fight, Part 1 Cooler moves to kill the heroes by himself, and easily defeats Nappa, Raditz, Pan, and Yamcha. Trunks and Gohan vow to kill the Androids and revive Pan. Android #8, Frank Android #8 is next, but he proves to be a gentle giant, as he was part of the World Tournament, yet doesn't like to fight. In Third Place Android #3 attacks, using his powers to easily trump Kakarot.

In response, many talented people have written fanfics about Trunks; before, during and after his first appearance, to give us an idea of what may have been.

Now, let your imagination run wild in these great works of writing!


However, a new villain plots to take revenge on the hero who killed his brother, and Frieza is back. The World Tournament, Part 1 The ex-Hunters and the former Resistance members enter the World Tournament, as does a few mysterious warriors.

Vegeta, Uub, Frank, Zangya, Tarble, Gohan, Trunks, Kakarot, Piccolo, Salza, and Hercule win their matches. The World Tournament, Part 2 The fights continue, and Vegeta, Zangya, Uub, Gohan, and Piccolo win their fights. The World Tournament, Part 3 The tournament ends, and Uub wins.

1 month after killing Frieza, Gohan and the Hunters go to Earth, deciding to rest and live there.

However, Cooler, having found the still living remains of Frieza, plans on destroying Earth and killing Gohan. The End of the Hunters The Hunters disband and decide to live on Earth after defeating the last Insectivore.


Turles reveals that he has gained power from Cooler, but Bardock wins and changes back. Kakarot and Trunks team up to beat him, but while Trunks is near death, Kakarot gives him some energy, and Trunks powers up and kills Cooler, bringing peace to the Earth. The Androids One month has passed since Cooler's death, and his creations, the Androids, ambush them. Lucky #7 Android #7 attacks the heroes directly, obsessed with her luck.

But Cooler appears and, using his Death Beam, kills the weakened Bardock. The Armored Squadron Cooler sends Salza, Neiz, and Doore to kill the heroes, and the trio takes on Raditz, Nappa, and Yamcha. With these machines on the loose, the heroes are in trouble. 10 Days Left The heroes meet up with the Androids and they are told that in 10 Days, the Androids will destroy the Earth. 10 Attacks Piccolo tracks down Android #10 and the two fight. She and Pan have a fight and, for the most part, are evenly matched, until #6 kills Pan from behind.


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