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You can hold his face affectionately and tell him it’s not the right time yet.If he understands you, it will mark the beginning of a long term relationship; if not then he is just interested in a casual relationship to pass his time.Finding a date is very exciting and fun but realizing a date is a leech can mean big trouble for the girl.Even though each person chats online with a prospective date and then goes dating, meeting the person face to face conveys a lot that is not comprehensible when chatting online.Scene 2: If your date is getting loud after a round of drinks, you can tell him politely to speak a bit softly.If he still does not get your point, simply excuse yourself to go to the wash room, on the way tell the captain at the restaurant to tell your date that he is disturbing others and may be asked to leave.His reply will tell you how genuine he is about your relationship.


Scene 3: You find your date cute and enjoying his company too though you are not ready for the kiss.

If he does attempt to kiss you, pushing him away would be outright rude.

You manage to rip your skirt which becomes a big embarrassment for you.

Simply wrap your scarf or sweater around your waist or feel free to borrow the jacket from your date.

Girls need not get stressed if they face an awkward situation.

Scene 1: You are dressed in your very best outfit, a sexy mini skirt, dressy blouse with high heeled footwear.


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