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I ‘m not saying it ‘s a good thing, but it ‘s not a crime.Plenty of nice men are dazzled with the array of beauty on dating sites and feel that they should just keep shopping.”Very, very well said and very true.However, this doesn ‘t mean these guys are players or slimeballs or just out for sex.It just means they have too many options and are always trying to trade up.My not-so-secret method for giving dating advice to men and women? I’d ask the women to consider being in the man’s position – with the presumption that she’s probably already been in it, without having realized it.It’s easy to blame guys for being non-committal shoppers who are always looking for the next-best thing; it’s a lot harder to come to terms with the fact that, as a woman (especially if you’re under the age of 35), you’ve likely done the same thing.


On the other hand, that can be a little draconian — as you say, this medium does encourage the “if I found this great woman, think what must still be out there” mentality — so I can ‘t bring myself to instantly trash the guy who believes it. Dear Erika, Every coach probably has his/her own method for trying to assess things clearly.

Our value comes in the ability to see things objectively, and to translate this insight into practical advice. So when you ask me what I would say to women who are dealing with men who have tons of options, I’d probably flip the whole thing over.


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