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Chinook High School hosts two separate events; the Grad Gala and Convocation.

Students will have the opportunity to celebrate completing 12 years of school at the Grad Gala Banquet and Dance, which will be held on Friday, May 12th at the University of Lethbridge.

Guests without tickets are invited to view the Grad entrance from the track.

Only ticketholders are allowed in the banquet area.

In order to accommodate requests of grads and their family to sit with another grad and their family at the Grad Gala, we have created the following process: •Once all ticket sales have been completed, the process to fill the seating chart will commence.


Students who meet the requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma are welcome to participate in the Convocation Ceremony.Grad Gala Banquet and Dance Friday, May 12 at the University of Lethbridge Mix & Mingle: pm, Grads announced at pm, dinner at pm pm Grads arrive for the mix and mingle -U of L track (upper level, enter by Tim Hortons) pm Guests present tickets and enter the gym for seating.


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