Dating blenko glass


He chose the little farm town of Milton because the Industrial Development Dept of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad sold him on the idea of Milton as a good place to work.

It was a dependable source of sober, industrious labor and natural gas, used in all the glass furnaces, was cheaply priced.

He attended school and became a pupil of philosopher John Tyndall. After discharge from the Army he entered Carnegie Institute of Technology where he graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering; and he then received a law degree from the University of Pittsburgh.

Early in the 1880s he went into business for himself making what is known as rondels (Round Window Panes), while experimenting with other processes of making glass superior to his competitors. After retiring from a career as a practicing lawyer he came with Blenko Glass where he now serves as President.

The year was 1893, he was producing glass but it would not sell.

The American window makers would not accept his products, although it was made by Old World methods.

In London on December 8th, 1854 William John Blenko was born to a working class English family. After cessation of hostilities Bill was released from active duty in April 1946 and returned to Milton to join Blenko Glass. is a grandson of the founder of Blenko Glass Company.


In the spring of 1921 William arrived in Milton where he soon began unloading the tools of his trade into a small hillside barn.He then went to work building a furnace, with the help of a newly recruited crew of locals. 2 years later in 1923 he set up shop at our present location, where we strive to continue this time-honored tradition.


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