Dating australia ocd


OCD is a biological disorder of the brain, and needs to be understood as such. Talking about OCD can be hard, because words often fall short of illustrating the true depth of pain and anxiety experienced by the sufferer.

To quote from A Life Lived Ridiculously, As I listened to the words pour from my mouth, I could have thumped myself in the face.

Just because a person has OCD, does not mean that they cannot be a huge asset to your life and make an excellent partner and parent.

So here are some tips on how to treat your special someone and have a wonderful life regardless of their OCD: 1) Never say, "why can't you just snap out of it?!


4) If your partner's OCD is under control with the use of medication, therapy, or both, be supportive.

Never ask them to come off their meds or stop therapy just because they "seem fine now." Your loved one is fine and able to be in a great relationship with you because they have their OCD under control.


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