Dating as a russian orthodox

Forty years ago, the well-known scientist and theologian, Professor Ivan Andreyev, who had been a confessor of the faith in the Solovki camps, posed the question: does the Moscow Patriarchate have grace that is, the grace of true and valid sacraments?After a thorough examination of the question from a dogmatical and canonical point of view, he gave a clear and categorical reply: no.It was a time of great hope for the resurrection of Russian Orthodoxy. From the mid-1990s, and especially since KGB colonel Putins rise to power in 2000, the MP has recovered its position in society while its opponents have warred amongst themselves and fragmented.Most recently, the Russian Church Abroad led by Metropolitan Lavr has started negotiations for entering into union with the MP, thereby reversing the ecclesiastical course of his predecessors, Metropolitans Philaret and Vitaly.

It is hoped and believed that by studying the history of the last 15 years, we, the True Orthodox Christians of Russia may repent of our sins and learn from our mistakes and unite again on a firm basis of faith and love.Then, through the prayers of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors, Holy Russia will rise again from the ashes of the present neo-Soviet catastrophe, to the glory of Christ and the salvation of very many throughout the world!


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