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This shift can be found in the digital strategy and educational activities but also in the way institutions are more open to interdisciplinary and inter-institution collaborations.At CTM16 Quebec, we will discuss how to engage visitors both on site and online, how to engage your community, how to involve sponsors, how to create meaningful engagement and how to encourage visitors and partners to become advocates.Discover how this win-win partnership with You Tubers offered the Louvre a new way to deliver content on its collections and events.To make this possible, the museum built partnerships with the city and its neighbors, reaching new audiences via innovative projects.Launched in January 2016, the goal of the project « Carte Blanche aux Youtubers » was to engage dialogue with Youtube's viewers.Join Pascal Hufschmid to learn about the new managerial tool he developed to run his department differently. How do you ensure that your partnership is meaningful and sustainable?These workshops will present best practices in partnerships. and how do you work together to gain mutual benefits?



By engaging staff with your organisation’s offer, vision, values and purpose, and empowering them to express these ideas in everything they do.

How do you reconnect your team members with the purpose of their work and foster innovation and improve internal communications?

Find the answers during these workshops Presenters will discuss their collaboration and lessons learned in bringing Mapplethorpe’s work to new audiences, all while managing the exhibition branding, media relations, donor relations, social media, and marketing.

The Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec wished to be fully involved in its community so that Québec art would ripple beyond its walls.


Best Practice Training at the Chapelle du Musée de l'Amérique francophone, filled with history, precious relics, and other treasures of Québec's religious heritage from the Séminaire de Québec collection.How do you keep everyone motivated when budgets are tight and everyone is feeling the pressure?


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