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'old colouring' - means the colour is old, but not original.For example the item may be 200 years old but the colour could possibly be 100 years old.Catalogue Browse Full search Latest updates Ordering To order Discounts Postage Guarantee & Returns Information Condition Terms used Printing techniques Colouring & cleaning Images on these pages Testimonials Map downloads Resources & Links ~ Related Websites ~ Intaglio-fine-art 'Pick of the Pack' Over 5,000 hand printed and coloured etchings and engravings from original, mostly antique, intaglio printing plates.Colouring on old prints & maps (for Cleaning see end of this page) In my catalogues I have described coloured maps & prints using - 'original colouring' - any item that I feel has original hand colour, the same for colour that I feel was applied very soon after the map's publication.Maps Before the nineteenth century maps were usually published uncoloured.However, there were some exceptions, such as those published by the Bleaus which were coloured by their own in-house colourists.Some collectors prefer maps in their original, often uncoloured state, as issued.On the other hand, there are others who follow the argument that maps as decorative items look more attractive coloured, and that if the colouring is well done it detracts nothing from the value of the map. Below I have given some brief information on colouring and how I describe colouring in my catalogues.



When it is not easy to tell the age of colouring I use this description.

The issue of originality of colouring can be confusing, vague and contentious, especially when it comes to maps.


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