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Of course, there's a world of difference between regular anxiety and agoraphobia.However, agoraphobia is far more complex than most people realize, starting with the name itself.Taken literally, the term means "fear of public spaces," but the disorder isn't like other, more traditionally-known phobias, such as arachnophobia or acrophobia.It's hard to miss the signs of agoraphobia, especially since it's famously characterized by panic attacks.If you're developing the condition, chances are you're intimately aware that something is wrong.As always, the internet is no place for official diagnoses, but if you find yourself identifying with many of the symptoms below, it may be time to talk to a psychologist.People with agoraphobia have difficulty facing public spaces by themselves, and as a result, they may not feel comfortable going anywhere without a companion.Rather, it's related to panic disorders; in fact, they appear together so often that agoraphobia used to be listed as a subset of panic disorders.

Needless to say, this fear can be cyclical nxiety about panic attacks may cause a panic attack to occur, which just feeds future anxiety.Let's take a look at five signs of agoraphobia below.


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