Dating age laws in australia

Also in the United States a woman who started a relationship with a 15 year old girl when she was 17 years old, is currently facing criminal charges.In this case both girls were in what they thought a consenting relationship.It is also not an offence if a 16 year old reasonably believes that the person whom they had sexual intercourse with was 17 or older.

The offence of having sexual intercourse with a child is called unlawful sexual intercourse under the A person who has sexual intercourse with any person under the age of 14 faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

This would not be legal here in South Australia either.

Their relationship was brought to the attention of the police by the 15 year old’s parents.

Regardless of what the 15 year old says she cannot consent.


Courts in South Australia often hear cases like this and being confused over the legal age of consent is not a defence.In most cases the age of consent in South Australia is 17 years of age.


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