Dating academy whats your potential

In this first-of-its-kind book, Megan Hunter addresses the patterns and thoughts from both sides without placing blame or casting judgment.Based on hundreds of interviews with people in high-conflict relationships, seeing the destruction of families in her policy work in family law, and feedback from lawyers, psychologists, and mediators who work with these couples, it is an inside look at "his" thoughts and "her" thoughts, their unconscious interactions, and step-by-step staying or exiting strategies.

By Megan Hunter Some romantic relationships simply go sour. Instead, it is for people stuck in high-conflict relationships. It's all about knowing yourself, knowing your potential partner, and assessing risk of success and failure.People with high-conflict personalities (HCPs) have a different operating system in romantic relationships.They unwittingly crave and work hard to be in one, but sabotage it.

Life without a partner is lonely, but it can also be tricky. This is the relationship with a tantalizing beginning complete with charm, fun, ease, sensuality, and sexiness, that abruptly turns into one of confusion, dread, despair, and even violence.Dating prepares us for long-term togetherness, making the decision with whom to marry (or cohabitate with) the most serious and impactful decision of our lives. There is no good exit strategy or staying strategy.


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