Dating abbreviation

Emoticons are fine and convey real stuff, if used sparingly. ' C U L8R," would bug the ever-living crap out of me.I have never dated someone that felt the need to severely abbreviate EVERYTHING, so I’m not sure how I would handle it.Here's what they had to say."LOL" is forgivable, but that's the only one."Don't like text lingo beyond ' LOL' — we have Qwerty keyboards now.If he can't text a sentence because he has an old school flip phone, then I'm already suspicious — not sure I'd expect him to last long enough to worry about receiving a ‘UR cute, CU L8R’ message.Is it OK if he emails or texts you "C U L8R," or responds to funny things with "LOL," "LMAO," or the rest of that malarkey?

But if I were interested in someone, even ' LOL' would turn me off," says Tanya, 37. especially when it comes to emojis."I can handle some abbreviations (I've learned to use many myself, mainly because of Twitter, even though they used to make me twitch).

As someone who's pretty obsessive about people spelling out full words even in text messages, I wondered if I was alone.

So, I asked the ladies their thoughts on dating a guy who uses text lingo, acronyms, and all that jazz in emails and, obviously, in texts, too.

(I had to force my phone to spit out those abbreviations by the way; my phone only recognizes Army and nursing jargon.) He could send me a [winking emoji] though.


I'd think that was cute," says Jen, 36."' LOL' contains the soul of brevity. No, never, no way, nope."While I embrace the fact that language is constantly evolving, I find eloquence and a good vocabulary hot.

I did, however, once stop following a former work buddy on FB because she seemed to ONLY speak in abbreviations here, of all places, where your characters aren't limited — and I mean whole PARAGRAPHS.


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