Dating a zippo lighter

The third one has the Zippo logo written taller than the other ones.Zippo fabricates cases made of nickel-silver alloy between 19.It has a three-barrel hinge ( the center barrel is longer than the sides) and a 14 hole chimney. In Oktober 1946 Zippo restarted production of lighters with an improved flint wheel and cam.Blaisdell produces first square-cornered windproof lighter with no diagonal lines on the corners.This model is 2-7/16 inches tall, 1/4 inch taller than the now standard Zippo lighter. The Zippo have eight holes ,located on each side of the chimney and a three-barrel hinge outside of the case.Lighters produced today are made the same way with the extended hinge.

The second model has a four- barrel hinge as well, but the plates are moved to the inside of the case. The patent #2032695 was issued March 3, 1936 , so lighters manufactured only late in 1936 had the patent.The brass drawn case with no metal clips inside the lid makes its entrance.These new Zippo lighters featured a canned bottom and an overall rounded look , still seen on current models.The 1946 model has a case that is 1/32 of an inch taller than the cases today.

During 1934 the 1/4 inch shorter units continue to be produced with the 3 barrel hinge plates still on the outside of the case.

Blaisdell applies for the Zippo patent on May 17, 1934, after test marketing the product for two years. The first model has four-barrel hinge with the plates still located on the outside of the case.


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