Dating a third year med student


I remember (and my wife can confirm) sleeping through dates in 3rd year.We went to a party with my former co-workers - the first time my she met them - and I fell asleep on the couch. If it's a 3-month surgery rotation, it's quite understandable.Hi, This topic is totally different but my boyfriend is a medical student and we talk for like 4 minutes a night.He's in his 3rd year, stressed out, obviously, but as the days go by, we're talking less and less to each other.personal life takes a back seat for now and he's aware of and affected by what impact his school/career has, but priority of one over the other is slight.3rd year and internship are not easy times for couples.The divorce rate among married couples is very high during those two years in particular.he's basically doing 7AM-7PM right now but sometimes it goes till 9PM and then he'll be on-call at far they haven't required him to come in in the middle of the night but he's stressed about his exams, i guess.

things will be better during his 4th year during his electives and after he matches.

Granted I'm busy too, but we talk so little that it's beginning to worry me.

It scares me because I can't tell if we're growing apart or if he's really JUST always studying/at the hospital and has no time to give to me. RWhow bout dinner, pick you up round 8ish seriously though, don't take it personal.

he's kind of grumpy all the time and all we ever talk about is his work--was that with you too?

If it's psych on the wards with no call - you should have a talk with him. he's on medicine and he's on call, and it's only a month long.he's never worked full-time in his life so i think this is hard for him to be thrown into the thick of things.


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