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Rather, they're the ones you never see coming, and had no way of preparing for.Hearing about a dead child today is the same punch I felt when I was a boy, but today my response is steadier because I've felt that punch before -- and others like it.Even though it's still a punch, sometimes hearing bad news feels like little more than somebody trying to scar my scar tissue.


Last week, while skipping through Good Men Project stories like Dorothy in the poppy fields of Oz, I tripped over an article entitled "Beautiful Disaster: 7 Reasons Why We're Drawn to the Damaged Person." Like Dorothy when she realized that she was back in Kansas, the title left me feeling like I had just returned to a familiar place.Alas, my connection to the piece didn't come via my own romantic attraction to "beautiful disasters." Though, despite being as paradoxical as a fluffy kitten scratching for blood, I have been drawn to them in the past. Still, a question that plagues me involves trying to understand the difference between sustaining damage and sustaining a damaged existence.


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