Dating a renaissance man pros and cons of dating older man

While it’s not particularly necessary to own a washer and dryer, men should posses the skills to use the Laundromat without ruining their clothing.] are fundamental skills that every man should have.

While there is certainly no need to be an expert, being able to execute “repairs on the fly” means not having to throw out perfectly good clothing simply because a button has popped off.

While most men might consider themselves to be independent, they’re probably lacking certain domestic skills.

In order to be considered a true renaissance man around the home, there are 5 domestic skills that every adult male should possess.

If you’re feeling brave, you could sign up for classes from a shop like Sew Pro’s Sewing & Vacuum Centers.

Classes can give you the basic skills you need to manage a few simple repairs, and potentially more.


If a gentleman is single and has never seen the inside of his stove, it’s time to buy a cookbook or take a local cooking class.

This is something every male should be comfortable with.


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