Dating a italian

It’s part of the Italians warm temperament that they call you that. My Italian boyfriend would bring me home many wonderful gifts everyday, designer clothes just in your right size, Italian leather hand bags redolent of cow hide, French perfume, Jane Austen books written inside the flap how much he adored me. Speaking of fashion, the Italian boyfriend I had took more interest in his appearance and the latest fashion than me.

For example, he would spend hours coming his hair and had a dozen suits that he wore every day to work.

Italian men are famous for being polygamous, and it’s quite popular and accepted still in Italy in this modern day for many Italian men to take a mistress.

Italian men are so successful with women, because they make you feel like you are the only women in the world. Make sure you get home safely, even if you have to take a few buses or several taxis.

They also do this with probably a half dozen women at the same time they do it to you.

He was a bit of a dandy and spent more time in the bathroom.

He would often do a flip with his hair like gay men do, I thought maybe he was gay for a moment, but he liked women too much, which was why we ended up breaking up in the end.

Another great thing about an Italian man is that they are very gentlemanly. When I was with my Italian boyfriend we once got stuck in Greenwich it was a Sunday night and we were having so much fun that we didn’t get the schedule straightened out.

As a Romantic Anthropologist, I have taken the time to study different cultures through dating.

One kind of man that has mystified many women are Italian men.


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