Dating a guy who brags about his conquests


They could be one of these types of guys, the kinds who should be avoided at all costs. The Hotshot Workaholic He's hard to resist, what with the perfectly tailored, expensive suit and enough money to make it rain all the live long day but it comes at a price.

He leaves the house before the sun is up, he toils at the office until after everyone but the maintenance crew is gone and then needs to unwind at bar before coming home for a couple hours of sleep to then do it all over again. The Needy Guy He's eager-to-please and wants to be with you every second of the day. Then his insecurity, his desire to share all his feelings and constant need for reassurance will have you wanting to shake off this stage-five clinger like he's on fire.

Dates should be pleasant experiences, not a way to stress you out and make you feel defensive, angry and frustrated. Judgy Mc Judges-a-Lot A self-righteous guy is so wrong. I'm not saying order the lobster, beef tenderloin and four drinks, but it shouldn't feel like you have to stick to a budget either.

He will judge and preach to everyone around him — including you — on anything he perceives as a bad habit. The Daredevil He drives fast and recklessly, and his favourite pastimes involve jumping out of planes, running with bulls, doing Ironmans and cliff-jumping.

So if we can see your moves coming from a mile away, we'll be bored senseless, looking for someone more exciting.Like a moth to a flame, there are just some guys you can't help but be drawn to.Maybe they're stunningly handsome, or they're giving off some sort of irresistible testosterone-filled scent, or their personality lights up the room. But up close, maybe things aren't as perfect as they seemed.The Tasteless Oaf This barbarian doesn't even pretend that he's not checking out other woman when he's with you. The Know-It-All Nobody likes a know-it-all and this is no exception. You can almost feel him crossing his fingers under the table, hoping you'll drink water.

He'll flirt with your waitress, your friends and your sister, brag about his ex-girlfriends and other conquests and display an overall lack of respect for you. This dude will turn any and all conversations into heated debates, which likely evolve into full-blown, gloves-off arguments. Dates, at least the first handful, should be easy-breezy.

The Gym Rat He's at the gym 24/7, orders salads with dressing on the side, and is more interested in protein powders, bicep curls and leg presses than he is pressing you.


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    Look away and then wait a few minutes and try to catch her eyes again.

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