Dating 5 minute interview

The Islamic State terrorist organization in Syria is now offering 5-minute speed dating services to attract more disenfranchised Western women to the caliphate and to become jihadi brides.

The Daily Star reports that a British Islamic State militant named Abu Qa'qa al-Britani, who lives in the Syrian stronghold of Raqqa, has recently published, on the online social site Tumblr, a guide that is designed to help encourage radical women to travel to Syria by making the husband-finding process seem more simple.

Al-Britani's post indicates that newlywed jihadi couples will be given a home to live in as well as cash.

A woman by the name of Umm Layth reminded prospective brides in her own post to bring makeup, things to read and clothes.

The guide outlines that women who have a desire to travel to join the caliphate can contact militants who specialize in "marriage affairs" in order to be matched up with militant suitors.

Meetings between the woman and her potential suitors can be arranged in the form of a speed dates.

Many male ISIS internet recruiters use online dating sites to attract disgruntled foreign women into meeting in Syria to get married and join the caliphate.


"They have five minutes to speak to each other and are given the ability to see one another if they both desire to do so," al-Britani's post states.

"Then they have the choice to marry or refuse one another and Allah knows best." If the paired couple refuse one another, the prospective-jihadi bride will continue looking for another jihadi to marry.


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