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Warrior Square for under aged girls to pull refugees! Get the vinyl in the day and gate crash the parties at the Chatsworth in the Evening eh?A mighty fine chea half of lager before being thrown out !Darren and his staff were always very helpfull and would do their best to get help you out. but only if you like garage "Fat Slobs" @ St Andrews Market.Garage UK unfortunatly closed its doors to walk-in customers a couple of months ago.

there is a bloke that i have seen under hastings pier at daytime wanking his cock i know who u r but no going to say the name of the person but be very careful as he might want u to give him a hand wanking and spunking over your hand I'm mainly round the Priory Meadow area and the usual haunts like the fountains, but sometimes in good or bad weather most of my m8s hang at the bit of the beach just before the pier. Alexandra Park is where the underaged drinkers go with their Lambrini wine and White Lightning bottles.The arcades is where townies go and start fights and do gas and where the caps at a 90 degree angle. BOY ARE YOU WELL OUT OF DATE virgin, mvc virgin Who remebers Disc Jockey, the purveyor of mighty fine vinyl in the eighties?well dont think londoners r to blame do u have a look around jobs gone 2 who? looks like a no hope 4 some i have been here 4 2 years from london why has the council given up on st leonards only the town center gets t. Also holding a special gig at the Old De Niros in George Street on 11th February 2006 with a live Band (Raw Power) and Live Roadshow. i love hasting go 2 east london and get real There is a great temporary Rock Radio Station called Hastings Rock transmitting throughout May .

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    I asked to read the script and loved it, sent Kit an e-mail, had coffee with him, and it was pretty much a done deal. I thought it was unique and that the story was really fresh, and I love Kit’s writing. You’ll see characters on TV who are talking in this super-cool way, and people do not talk that way in real life. Kit’s writing is so natural, though people are really saying funny and sometimes awful things. TB: Watching , it’s both real-seeming and melodramatic, and therefore the show is both relatable and not relatable. VH: I related a lot to what was on the page, though not specifically to Thom. It was interesting, though, because I related to all the characters because of how they’re going about getting what they want and failing at it. There’s all these twists and turns, like in the third episode when Cal goes and sleeps with Jeremy.

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