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The free version covers up to 25 computers and five mobile devices.

Pros Skill sets increased through the roof with great boss, directors and staff from other departments.

In addition to patch management, installing software, and managing service packs, you can also use it to standardize desktops.

Apply uniform wallpapers, shortcuts, printer settings, and more. Also, some of the features are missing from the free edition, including reporting and active directory authentication.

Ninite doesn’t integrate with non-standard applications. “We can’t push out non-popular apps,” Louisdor said.

“But if all you need is to update the ~40 apps that they do support, that’s like 90% of what most people need. Not really related to patch management, but one cool feature is antitheft functionality which automatically takes a photo of the device holder and saves the photo and the location to the server when a user enters the wrong password on a lost or stolen device.“The RMM is missing some features I would consider critical,” says Inviditas, also noting a paucity of customizability.



“There doesn’t seem to be a way to mass-deploy the software (at least my trials with using a generated MSI didn’t work), it pops-up asking the end-user for invitation codes, and the end-user can disable unattended access.”Spiceworks reviewers zacharywhite and mark2662 complained that deploying MSIs from within the ITSM does not seem to work.That base allowed me to take the next step from manager to be promoted to Director, and to be on the list for VP.



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